Monday, January 10, 2011

You, Me and the Little One

It's been so hard to not lose my temper with him lately.  He just does my head in.  He sleeps at night, I'm up all night looking after the Little One and I get almost 0 sleep!  Quite honestly I have no idea how I'm coping at the moment and how I have not fallen over from sleep deprivation!

I feel like he only wants to be a dad when HE feels like it and not when he NEEDS to be.  I continuously have to ASK him to do things, he never just does them because he needs to or because better yet, he WANTS to. In front of people he acts like the doting dad but in the background it's all left to mommy to do everything.  I think if I got an hour and a half's sleep last night it was a lot.  He slept all night bar 45 minutes when I woke him up to please feed our Little One while I went to the bathroom.

I sometimes think he thinks it's still the dark ages where the wife does all the caring for the Little One and the men get to do "manly" things.  Yeah, it's 2011, it doesn't work like that anymore.  I get up at the same time as him in the morning and I'm at the office just like him all day.  So it's not like I get to sleep during the day while he's at the office working.

On a different note, I'm thinking of going to a dietician soon, I just can't keep up like this anymore.  I know I only picked up 10kg's with my pregnancy but those 10kg's have put a huge strain on me.  I feel HORRID all day (and I guess that’s because of the no sleep too!) And I just can't carry on like this anymore.  I need to do something, anything!

Little One has been sick lately so she's not getting much sleep either and she cries often which annoys him to no end and he lands up shouting at her.  All I want to do is shout back saying "For crying in a bucket, she's only 2 months old! Get over yourself and soothe your daughter!" but yeah, I don't have the balls to do that yet.  I'll hopefully get there one day.



  1. patience is a difficult thing.

    guys are even more difficult, but the guy book can help...altho' it is a satire, there is much truth in my musings...check it out!

    and i do not usually think babies are cute, but your little one is and that is a great pic!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
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    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  2. Aww thanks Bruce! I'm bias so I know she's cute!
    I'll check it out, thanks so much for your comment and for following me (I feel special).

  3. we are all special...

    and you are welcome!


  4. If you're at work and can't sleep during the day when she does then that really sucks. Tell him if he doesn't do something soon you'll kick him out fo bed and let little one take his place. Re weight, if you are breastfeeding it doesn't drop until about the 4-6 month mark because your body will retain fat for milk production. If you're not, then it might take your body a little while to figure that out. You've got so much on your plate - I don't know if dieting right now will help. Chocolate might though. And get your thyroid levels checked, sometimes they bugger up under pressure.

  5. I might just tell him to go sleep downstairs Sarah! It just frustrates me.

    I WAS breastfeeding, but wasn't producing enough milk (I was only getting 20ml while expressing for half an hour!) as my little one spent 3 weeks the first stint in NICU as she was 2 months prem. So I don't think that helped much. I tried and she got the best of my milk for about 5 weeks so a pretty good start if you ask me.

    Oooo Chocolate ... mmmm. That always seems to help matters.

    I might just get my thyroids checked out as my mom has a problem with hers. Wonder if it's genetic?

    Thanks for the comment :)