Friday, January 14, 2011

What will today bring?

See, I'm smiling.  That must mean I'm happy. This couldn't be any further from the truth! 

Firstly I was alerted this morning by Annah from Red Means Go that there is a new Zodiac sign. Great.  That means my Little One who was born under the Scorpio sign is now going to be a Libra.  I think not!

I then find out that my best friend might be in labour. She's in pain, being sick and guess where she is ... at work. Although I can sympathise with her being at work and in labour, it's just not the right place to be! I've told her very politely to pack up her shit and go get check out by the Dr. Her husband is on his way to pick her up. Great. New addition may be here sooner than expected!

Then, I'm sitting on the toilet (doing what you do there) and my boss phones. I have a dilemma, do I answer while I'm doing my business or just let it ring and go to voicemail. I left it to go to voicemail.  This irritated me for 2 reason.
  • I was busy with my phone at the time downloading an application and it canceled the download.
  • I'm on maternity leave for another month and a half, what the hell does he want from me now? 
 Turns out, he's looking for a piece of paper that I had way back in March 2010.  Where can he find it? How the hell am I supposed to know?? It was written on the smallest piece of paper on the face of the earth and I've moved offices. Now I'm supposed to remember where the hell it is. I told him I had no idea and to search through my stuff.

On a happy note, I might not see my Out-Laws today. That is such great news! One evening with them a week ago was more than enough for me to be honest. I'm just thankful they live on the other side of the country and we don't see them often. I know, horrible but true!  I just can't handle them with their condescending tone and know it all attitude.  If I wanted their advice or stories on their upbringing, I'll ask for them.  In the mean time, just shut the fuck up!

My 30th birthday party is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. Not so much the turning 30 part though. But I have heard it's great being 30.  I haven't noticed any change.  I'm having a bring and braai (I know, I'm a cheap skate.  But hey, I have a 2 month old to fend for!). Should be good. Just hope this weather clears up and it doesn't rain like the weatherman has predicted (although, who can trust them? They are almost always wrong in their predictions ... wonder if they are linked to the Zodiac system too?).

Mmmm ... Now I'm hungry with the thought of all that food tomorrow. Might have to send Him to get me some lunch.  That sounds like a great idea.


  1. Happy Birthday! I would have let that call go to voice mail as well!!

  2. Happy Birthday.

    I am following you now.

  3. Thank you, and thank you for following me too!