Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not quite what I expected ... (Rant!)

*Start of Rant!*

Earlier (About 2 hours ago) I was like this:

Image from here

As my best friend went into labour and had a baby girl (which she was so longing for) I was/am so excited for her.

But then my mood turned to this:

Image from here
The reason you may ask. Well here we go:

I called said friend to congratulate them on the birth of their baby and to find out what they were naming her etc. Only to have said friends husband brush me off like I'm fucking nothing to the family. I know he's tired, and she's tired but they have had tons of visitors (including my brothers girlfriend) so clearly they can take a phone call from one of their LONGEST STANDING FRIENDS! I asked very nicely what they were naming her only to get a response as follows:

Me: Wow, congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!
Him: Thanks
Me: So, have you decided on a name for her yet?
Him: Silence
Me: Hello?
Him: Stop being so impatient!
Me: Oh, have you taken any photo's of her yet to send out?
Him: They are sacred.
Me: So does that mean I'm not getting one?
Him: Silence
Me: Hello?
Him: I'm here
Me: So are you happy you had a little girl? I know "K" should be ecstatic!
Him: Clearly I did something wrong
Me: Oh, OK? ... Can I get a picture?
Him: I'll send you one now
Me: Oh cool, thanks. How is "K" doing?

He fucking hung up on me! I can't believe how rude he was! I'm fuming!! It's like he doesn't want me to know anything about this baby. To be honest, right now I feel like I don't care regarding all the information I wanted now.  I'm too pissed off to even go and visit as I know I'm going to say something. And to add fuel to the fire, the other night when she went in as she couldn't walk (due to baby lying on a cervix muscle) I heard this great nugget he had to say "It's no longer about her, it's about the baby" WTF??

She's my best friend and that's how I get treated?? Great ...

I still haven't got a picture from him. Go figure.

*End of Rant!*


  1. Oh wow. That sucks. What a dick head. Does he always act like that?

  2. Sometimes. But today was just the worst it's been. I'm getting fed-up to be honest.

  3. all i can say is to sleep on it...too many times i have gone off on somebody without waiting for the cool down...

    just some advice from a recovering jackass hot head...

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  4. Thanks Bruce. I decided to go to the hosptal anyway. Just said congratulations and went to see mommy and baby! Not going to make a scene about it so I'm just going to leave it as is.