Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm sorry ... How rude of me

I swear I'm a nice person (well most of the time anyway) but since becoming a mom things have changed just a bit.

Today while coming out from the shop with Little One in my arms I spotted across the road a woman (I'd put her in her late 40's) basically come running across the road to have a look at her.  Now usually I wouldn't mind but to purposefully RUN across a road to see a baby just bugs me a little bit.  So what do I do? Open the car door, put Little One in her car chair and stand right in the door way while buckling her in.  Not giving any space for this really odd woman to see into my car to see her.  She turned round, walked off and I heard her muttering something about "that was rude".  I'm a bitch, I know.

Why do people find it's OK to touch someone else's baby? I don't go round touching other people's asses/boobs/dicks or any other part of their bodies so why is it appropriate for them to touch my baby girl? I have no idea where they have had their hands! For all I know they have in fact been scratching their crotch and have not bothered to wash their hands. And they want to touch my baby with that ... I think not!

He is the same as me. We went shopping in a mall one day and while I was looking at something he went walking around. When I eventually caught up to him he was all moody and pissed off.  So naturally I asked what the problem was.  What had happened was some woman spotted him with the Little One and almost stalked him to see her.  He ran like the wind. He wants to make a sign that says:


I'm starting to agree with him there.

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