Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hungry Fish?

So my mom is going for a pedicure next weekend as a birthday treat from my brother and SIL. This is all good and well, but the treatment she is going for is to have fish actually EAT her feet.  This freaks me out for a number of reason.  I mean, who on earth though "well those fish look hungry, let me stick my feet in the water and see what they'll do!".  Yeah, not such a good idea should that water be filled with piranhas.

Picture from here.

This reminds me of something that happened to me a few years ago while holidaying in Mozambique. We were on an island and the water was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom of the ocean. So deciding we were going to go for a swim (as it's shit hot there!) to cool down we run to the water and dive right in.  While wallowing swimming in the cool water I looked down at my feet and saw fish making a b-line for my feet. I screamed like a banshee and ran for the cover of beach sand.  There was no way in hell I was letting any fish regardless of how small HUGE they are attacking my feet.  Regardless to say, everyone just about wet themselves at my dismay.

I love Mozambique and really can't wait to go back there. I guess I'll only make it back there next year as Little One can't go until she is over 11kg's. Still a while to go as she was born at 1.6kg's and is now only 3.22kg's as of Wednesday.


  1. yeah, the fish thing is kinda creepy.

    about blog love.

    we all started with nobody reading our stuff. so any help i can be to anyone that has the balls or ovaries to lay it out there for the entire FreakyF*dUp world to see has my respect!

    plus, getting people to read your stuff is hard, unless you get a boost from your bloggerers pals.

    i get alot of page views from leaving comments. anyone that comments, i go check out.

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    the secret to getting heard is to comment. i have picekd up half my BIA (followers) from commenting and the other half from serious pimping from my fans! and blogs i follow.

    we are a good group of bloggery friends and as you will find, we are there for each other!

    get to know as many of the bloggerers you follow as you can...comment no time yoiu will find people following your stuff!

    i alwasy love to give love...the world needs more love, not more hate...

    hope this helps! and i have not over-stepped my bounds...

    love your little slice of the world! share it and it will be cool!

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  2. The fish looks a little weird.

    And I would not mind going there either.

  3. Fish eat humans, that's part of the cycle. also you rarely feel it unless it's a school. The do it in rivers and oceans. However I am DELIGHTED to hear you did NOT wet your pants in Mozambique because I am not completely sure they don't have Candiru there, at least in the Rivers.

  4. Reading about you running out of the water was pretty dang funny!

    Don't think you'll see me sticking my feet in a tank of fish anytime soon!

  5. @Bruce - Thanks for the "blog Love" info. Being considerably new to this blog stuff I had no idea what the hell I was doing (and let's be honest here, I still have no clue!)

    @Olifield - The fish still freak me out.

    @Peachy1 - Have just googled Candiru. Have also just added another fear to my list. Great, not sure if I'll ever swim again =p

    @Restaurant Manger - Thinking back, had I seen myself do this exact thing I would pretty much have wet myself laughing too. I have a fish tank at home, none of my body parts go into that water. Not even my fingers. That's what I make Him do. He can get eaten by fish, thank-you-very-much.